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Add $1.00 to substitute for Dutch Crumb on traditonal crust pies

Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy free and Gluten Free options available.

Please inquire for pricing. 


Pumpkin Pie - $18

Made with local pumpkins from Park Family Farm

***This is a special item Thanksgiving orders ONLY***


Grandma's Dutch Apple Pie - $18.00

Sweet and slightly tart apple filling with a buttery crumble top crust,

this pie is made with the Smith family's secret recipe.


Dutch Apple Cranberry Pie - $19.00
Like our dutch apple pie only with cranberries added,

this pie tastes just like the holidays!


Blueberry Pie - $16.00
Sweet local blueberries baked in a flavorful flaky crust

Made with frozen blueberries from Norland Berries in Barnstead


Raspberry Pie - $17.00
made with delicious red raspberries - this flavorful pie packs a punch!


Triple Berry Pie - $17.00

made with blueberries, blackberries, & raspberries - these berries blend

to form a truly decadent pie


Classic Cherry Pie - $18.00

made with tart cherries - this pie is sweet, slightly tart and completely delicious

When our local cherry supply runs dry, we use  organic tart cherries grown, frozen and shipped by a farm in upstate New York.

No canned cherries for us!


Cherry Berry Pie - $17.00

Aunique combination of blueberries and tart cherries that

tastes like summer! 

Made with blueberries from Norland Berries in Barnstead!


Pecan Pie - $19.00

Pecans carmelized in a sweet filling with plenty of sugar and butter -

this pie very rich and perfect next to vanilla ice cream


Chocolate Pecan Pie - $20.00

This pie features pecans carmelized in a sweet filling

with melted dark chocolate throughout.  Rich and Delicious!


**Seasonal Availability Only**
Strawberry Rhubarb - June & July

Peach - July through September


Mini Pies are also available in quantities of 4 or more at $6.50 a piece.


A delight for your taste buds.

We offer double crusted fruit pies of all sorts! Try one. Or two. Or five?


The Piesmith operates out of Center Barnstead, NH.  We do not have a storefront at this time. Please contact us to place your order.

Phone: (207) 558-1748

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